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Grand Theft Auto V download – another dose of the popular gangster series Rockstar Games – again
brings us to a world modeled on California. In the Grand Theft Auto universe, it is called San Andreas State and consists of the city of Los Santos, which is the basis of the “five”. By creating his world, Rockstar decided to parody the familiar reality, ridiculing ideologies, products, events and people’s behavior. The GTA V creators wanted to expand their product in every respect with respect to their previous visit cycle. In GTA V Download there are three different characters: Michael, a former banker on the east coast, under the protectionist program, Trevor – a former military pilot struggling with mental illness, and Franklin – a ghetto boy who has recovered from debtors of a local dealer.
We will not reveal more about the scenario of this fifth opus, which shines by a staged high-fly, with many references cinematographic and video games. Everything is incredibly well-crafted and coherent, to bring us from an introductory period to the heart of the subject smoothly. For this, we slip into the skin of three radically different men, with strong personalities and heavy liabilities, for situations and missions varied, which we are gradually discovering the innumerable possibilities of the game. is most often in chases or shootings, the staging of each sequence is enough to renew interest and plunge us into history.
We also appreciate the technicality of missions, with several secondary objectives that affect the score obtained at their end. This sometimes gives them the desire to redo them to try other approaches and improve their score, especially as the opponents who stand in our way are rather effective and tenacious (police), if not really intelligent. It is also possible to choose between discretion and brute force, especially during burglaries where tactics change dramatically. The latter take place in several times, since one must form a team – with members who claim all the more money they are effective – and bring together the various elements (weapons, vehicles, etc.). ) before leaving, which gives rise to several sub-objectives. Here again, you really feel immersed in the adventure, since you have to manage everything yourself.
In addition to the main missions – which already have enough to occupy a few dozen hours, except to run in a straight line, which would lose a lot of interest in the game – it is of course possible to participate in additional missions or to challenges, specific to each character, or many activities, not always very technical, but often well done and pleasant (bike, tennis, golf, parachute, or jetski racing, plane or car …). The least we can say is that there is something to be done between the missions, although they also involve us in different disciplines. In addition to a particularly well-supplied solo mode, Rockstar has also planned large-scale multiplayer with GTA Online, which will be available free for GTA V free pc players from October 1st. We are already promised hundreds of cooperatively playable missions and parties of up to 16 players in a dynamic and persistent world. We will come back to this aspect of the game at the beginning of October.

Grand Theft Auto V Download

gta 5 download
Honestly, is there anything cooler than heating the coastal road in a Muscle Car at sunset while “Carry on Wayward Son” from Kansas is blaring on the radio? We say little to nothing with the chest tone of conviction. GTA 5 gushes with details, it literally throws you some exciting missions, but in the end, it’s the comparatively small moments like this intoxicating ride along the coast road that make it a big whole. After logging in, the main game can also be experienced in offline mode (for GTA 4 and 5 you need a permanent connection to the social club) without any further technical hurdles. And without a monster computer. Already on a decent middle-class PC you can enjoy Grand Theft Auto 5 almost in full detail, no matter if a Radeon or an Nvidia chip is responsible for the graphics. By the way, we do not need a gamepad either. Never, not for a second. But more on that later.

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