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Grand Theft Auto IV Download GTA 4 pc

As soon as you see the main character Niko Bellic get off the boat in the harbor of Liberty City, you realize that GTA 4 download from Rockstar North is something very special. Yes, this is another Grand Theft Auto title, stealing cars in an open, three-dimensional world, defying other gangsters, and coping with the police, but it’s so much more. One of the many things that sets apart from its predecessor is Liberty City, which, as a simulation of a living, breathing city, is even more convincing and bears little resemblance to the third-named city of the same name. Niko is about to join one of the criminal factions of the city when he learns that his cousin has gambling debts that can mean death to him.
Not every mission has to be done to get ahead. There will be many opportunities for Niko to decide for himself whether to blindly obey his bosses orders or do what he thinks fit. The story mode of GTA 4 can be completed in under 30 hours, but there are so many side missions and optional activities that the gameplay can be extended to almost 60 hours. The new abilities of the main character in the game include the ability to climb over fences and walls and take cover behind objects. But the adaptive skill improvement from the predecessor GTA San Andreas is no longer possible.Between the illegal tasks, however, Niko has something else to do: For the first time, a GTA hero must also cultivate social relationships. That can really turn into stress. Those who say no to them too often or do not appear on dates with friends (see box above) lose social capital. GTA is there with itself, so cynical to the core: every friendship brings monetary benefits; cheaper weapons, helicopter service, armed henchmen or free taxi rides. The increasingly complex and time-consuming process is being regulated. – Social life on Nikos mobile phone that likes to ring at an inappropriate moment.
There is a lot to roads. This game is a game of authors – and as such basically profoundly European. This is evident in every corner. From the quality of the cars (see box above) to mean side thrusts against US tourists in the old Europe in the GTA Internet.The game itself is often spectacular, mostly entertaining, sometimes frustrating, but never boring. But the real thrill of GTA IV is that the story, until its film noir ending, provides an excuse to spend many hours in the twisted parallel world of Liberty City. A multimedia artwork that the world has never seen before.
On the way to himself, in search of redemption (through love?), Niko kills, steals and deals. The broken hero occasionally has his own will; sometimes the player has to make moral decisions himself. Niko also has a dark past of which you as a player, as his master and master, know nothing. The conservative media celebrate this as a security-preserving step, the progressive complaints about terror paranoia. Later, the bridges are gradually opened, Niko can explore all Liberty City – now the conservative media complain about the madness to open the door to the terrorists.
When Niko Mafiosi gets out of the way, “Weazel News” (say: Fox News) reports that it’s likely to be a terrorist attack, even though all the victims were city-known mobsters.
Grand Theft Auto 4” is an amusement that knows how to rouse with its relatively boundless opportunity. Whatever you need to do in Liberty City, nearly everything is conceivable: playing knocking down some pins, billiards or darts, a visit to the supper club or parody club, a bar visit and. Indeed, even an outing to the closest web bistro is conceivable. There you can surf many anecdotal sites, check messages or post a man. On the off chance that you are searching for an amusement with high degrees of opportunity and a fabulously mimicked city of the huge city, you will be all around served here, yet in addition, on the off chance that you are searching for an energizing activity experience, you will discover it at GTA 4. The imperative thing is that it is a develop and the separation capable player, since “Fabulous Theft Auto 4” is likewise a fierce, amazingly hard amusement, whose unexpected undercurrents are here and there not all that simple to find. So: Adult players expect an incredible, open diversion world, which keeps astounds in store and concocts an exceptionally energizing story. Be that as it may, toward the end it must be obviously expressed once more: GTA 4 is in no way, shape or form in the hands of youngsters and youths, this diversion is unadulterated grown-up stimulation.

Grand Theft Auto IV Game 

Grand Theft Auto IV PC Game Download
GTA 4 free
Despite the approaching issue of the magazine, we have spent the nights with GTA 4 free. Read here if the continuation of the gangster saga has actually become the hoped-for megahit. New GTA, new (anti-) hero: This time you work your way up in the role of former soldier and occasional ghost Niko Bellic in the Underworld of Liberty City. Nikos cousin Roman has lured the East European into the United States with promises of wealth and luxury. But when Niko arrives at the beginning of the game as an illegal immigrant, expect him no sports cars and luxury cars, but a cockroach-infested room and Romans run-down taxi business. However, he soon ties in involuntarily with some extremely dubious characters, for which he does commission work to earn some money – and to stay alive. For many of the jobs, Niko initially reluctantly takes over, but has no choice, because it is either his own head or that of his cousin. However, Bellic quickly realizes that he has the chance to finish with nasty details of his past, when he rises in the eyes of the bosses: The traces of some darklings, with whom he still has to pick a chicken, lead directly to Liberty City. In addition to his new career as a contract killer and escape car driver, he collects information about the men in order to settle accounts with them.
After a grandiose staged opening credits, which would not be out of place in a movie, the game throws you into the action without comment: You are sitting in the car and should bring your drunken cousin into his rancid apartment. Ingenious idea: While GTA veterans find their way around immediately, newcomers once sit startled at the joypad. You feel as alien and left as Niko in his new home. But soon the game jumps to the side, explains you in meaningful steps, the control of the car and the navigation system. The navigation system is extremely helpful when it comes to finding specific places in the gigantic metropolis: On the radar in the lower left corner, you can see a part of the map where the fastest route is conveniently displayed – in higher price categories you get the direction instructions even by voice announcement. By default, the camera is placed just behind the car. If you want, you can also zoom out of the perspective, choose a driver’s view, or call up the action cam, which is not very clear, but sets the stage for your movie.
After you arrive, you are confronted directly with Roman’s problems: The man is in debt at a loan shark! Instead of watching as the takers break your cousin’s fingers, you prefer to beat them to hospital. From now on, the problems follow in quick succession: From the original disagreements with the unfriendly financial advisers, a complicated story develops, in the course of which Niko gets rid of several clients once and for all and constantly gets caught up in the rain – typical of GTA. The cutscenes in which the story is told are technically sound, but are far from the perfection of Heavenly Sword. But you can forgive that, especially as there are still some soulless-looking characters that still create a cinematic atmosphere – thanks to wonderful dialogues, accomplished cuts and well-chosen perspectives. If you like the series “The Sopranos”, you will get their money’s worth.
Anyone who gets involved in the hard-hitting gangster life is allowed to wander through a huge, living world, which only gradually opens up. Initially, the bridges that lead to the neighborhoods of Liberty City are closed because of a terrorist warning. As the game progresses, however, the streets open up, so you can explore the entire area step by step – mainly with stolen cars or motorcycles. If you are sick of cars, saddle up later with boats or helicopters! In view of the impressive size of the city, one also likes to forgive minimal stuttering and pop-ups – especially since the love of details of the buildings and objects is really fantastic. Thanks to streaming technology, the game does not have to wait for longer breaks: By constantly reloading the surrounding data, you can smoothly move from one end of the metropolis to the other. Only before and after cutscenes you will be bothered by short interruptions. Incidentally, this is also true for the PlayStation 3 version, despite a 3 gigabyte installation.

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